PRO Services

PRO Services

PRO services in Dubai and UAE is one of our most popular company formation and registration services. We remain true to our principle of providing efficientt and outstanding service and solutions to our clients, allowing them to fully concentrate on their core business activities.

In the UAE, everything you do has a paper trail, meaning you have to fill in and process various applications and forms at every stage of each procedure.Trustbusinessmen's pro services professionals helps your company start up and running immediately in Dubai and UAE, by cutting down the delays and time-consuming procedures for visas, permits and licences. We provide specialised PRO services, document clearing and assistance for labour, immigration, economic and municipality department issues.

As a PRO service company, we help you in obtaining family residency visas, employment visas, business license renewals/modifications, company documents such as labor computer card and immigration card, employee labor cards and more. We have excellent business relationships with the Department of Naturalization & Residency (DNRD), Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOL), Department of Economic Development (DED) and all other relevant government institutions.

Following are our dedicated PRO services :

  • Approvals from Ministry & Government Departments
  • Assistance for all Government & Semi Government work
  • Company Registrations
  • Chamber of Commerce / Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Justice Notary
  • Document Clearance / Document Writing / Document Processing in Labour / Immigration / Economic & other Gov. Departments
  • Documents clearing in government and semi government departments such as Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Labour, Department of Naturalization & Residency Dubai, etc.
  • Visa assistance for Investor visa, employment visa and family member's visa.