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Company Setup Dubai

Dubai being the Middle East's trading hub and the meeting point for the Far Eastern and Western commercial worlds, provides a host of benefits for International Companies seeking to establish a business.

Highly efficient, internationally standardized, excellent service quality and advanced infrastructure welcome the entrepreneurs in Dubai. As one of the most developed and modern states in the world, Dubai and UAE offers a large number of benefits for those who wish to setup company.

Trustbusinessmen understands the challenges that people face with when trying to set up a new company in Dubai and UAE, where the rules and regulations are changing constantly. We ensure fast and efficient formation and incorporation of all types of company and provide management and administration facilities also. Our focus always remains to understand, assess, customize and implement a solution for company setup that is best suited to meet our clients' goals while maximizing the available benefits.

The formation and regulation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in the UAE is covered by the Commercial Companies Law and stipulates that they may be 100% foreign owned, provided a local agent is appointed. Only UAE nationals or companies 100% owned by UAE nationals may be appointed as local agents. Local agents assist in obtaining visas, labour cards, etc and are not involved in the operations of the company. They are paid a lump sum and/or a percentage of profits or turnover.

To establish a branch or setup office in Dubai, a foreign company should proceed as follows:

  • Apply for a licence from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, submitting an agency agreement with a UAE national or 100% UAE owned company. Before issuing the licence, the Ministry will:
  • forward the application to the Economic Development Department to obtain the approval of the Dubai government;
  • forward the application specifying the activity that the office or branch will be authorised to undertake in the UAE, to the Federal Foreign Companies Committee for approval;
  • Once this has been done, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce will issue the required Ministerial licence specifying the activity to be practised by the foreign company;
  • The branch or office should be entered in the Economic Development Department's Commercial Register, and the required licence will be issued;
  • The branch or office should also be entered in the Foreign Companies Register of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce;
  • Finally, the branch or office should be registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.